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LexInvest Wealth Advisors is able to offer all the elements of a full-service brokerage firm.  We consider a wide range of investment vehicles and make recommendations in the best interest for our clients.  We are proud that we are not beholden to a bank, large brokerage firm or insurance company to sell their products


LexInvest Wealth Advisors is a branch office of, and securities are offered through, Sunbelt Securities, Inc., Member FINRA & SIPC.  All accounts are custodied through Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, who provides clearing, custody and other brokerage services to Sunbelt Securities through National Financial Services, LLC

Product Offering

  • Stocks

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Government Bonds

  • Municipal Bonds

  • Money Market Accounts

  • Options

  • Mutual Funds

  • Annuities

  • Certificates of Deposit

  • Education Savings Accounts

  • Individual Retirement Accounts

  • 401 (k) Employee Plans

  • 403 (b) Retirement Planning

  • Keoghs

  • Key Man Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Long - Term Care Insurance

  • Managed Account Solutions

  • Alternative Investments

  • Private Investments

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