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  • Research by numerous industry leaders concluded that the value added by the services and advice of an advisor is approximately 1.5 – 3.0% of an investor’s assets per year, after taxes and fees

  • The value added by an advisor averages out over time.  Benefits may come quickly and radically during market upswings or downswings, or could come slowly as the relationship develops

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Periodic Rebalancing

  • Tax Efficiency / Loss Harvesting

  • Financial Modeling and Projections

  • Behavioral Coaching - being a sound voice during emotional times

  • Time saved from managing your own portfolio to allow you to do what you do best

A trusted, knowledgeable and experienced advisor is an integral part of a well-crafted financial portfolio designed to achieve your goals


Communication and Understanding

  • We view the discussions with our clients to be the most important input to the advice we provide.  Understanding your financial picture and goals for your investments is the first step we take in our process

  • We focus on your top-of-mind concerns, and maybe explore a few you have not considered. Let’s answer “Are we headed in the right direction?”

Alignment and Transparency

  • We act as a fiduciary, meaning our recommendations must be in the best interests of our client and our client’s interests take precedence over ours

  • We do not charge commissions on trades in Advisory accounts.  Our compensation is via a monthly fee, based on your assets under our management.  We are aligned with our client's interests - our compensation increases as your assets grow


We can develop the financial framework you need to make well-informed life decisions

  • We create a comprehensive model of your financial situation

    • Leverage industry-leading financial planning software to optimize the decision process

    • Project income and expenses, incorporating savings for education, retirement, and any other goals

    • Overlay current investments and allocations, and evaluate our recommendations

  • Examine Trade-offs – How current and near term decisions impact your future goals

  • Examine Scenarios – How unforeseen events affect our projections, both near and long term

  • Once the framework is built, we will examine it periodically together and adjust as necessary

Answer the important questions: “When does work become optional?” or “When can I pivot in my career without sacrificing my goals?”


Source: eMoney






  • In the post-COVID world, the traditional approaches to asset allocation have become challenged

  • Inflation and rising interest rates have introduced unique market dynamics not seen in decades

  • We construct portfolios with evolving allocations across these four key areas to align our clients’ return requirements and risk profile, while optimizing for tax and time horizon considerations


  • Large Cap Growth, Small Cap Growth, Global Technology, Emerging Markets

  • Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud-based Computing, 5G, Health Tech

  • Developing consumer-based economies

  • Serves as the growth engine to increase value over the long term despite short term volatility


  • Large Cap Quality, Developed Markets, Real Estate

  • Dividend growth, inflation protection, reduced volatility

  • Industry leaders in a mature but growing stage

  • “Core” of the equity portfolio

  • Dividends are a large portion of equity returns with growing cash flow for future years


  • Dividend Focused Large Cap, Preferred Equity; High Yield, Multisector, and International Bonds

  • Mature companies with strong balance sheets, where dividend yields may exceed bond yields

  • Diversity across higher yielding fixed income spectrum

  • Current income through a blend of higher yielding contractual income with stable equity dividends


  • U.S. Treasuries, Municipal Bonds, High Grade Corporate Bonds, Cash

  • Stable, contractual income

  • Reduced correlation to equity volatility

  • Preservation of capital for emergency cash needs, income replacement or reallocation during broader market downturns

  • Portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing are vital to long term performance.  We have a methodical approach to ensure your investments are managed in a disciplined manner

  • Our strategic allocation recommendations reflect our long term views and target your goals.  We make tactical adjustments to allocations periodically based on changes in the market, economy and policy

  • We recommend a client-specific strategic allocation and maintain a tolerance band for each asset class

    • Allows investments to maintain momentum but ensures positions do not become misaligned

    • Supports trimming an allocation when valuation may be overextended and reallocating to positions temporarily out of favor

  • Our best-in-class portfolio management technology allows us to monitor portfolios on a daily basis for compliance within those tolerance bands

    • Rebalancing may occur more frequently during periods of market volatility, or may not occur for extended periods if within the tolerance band, minimizing transaction costs

    • No arbitrary annual or quarterly rebalancing that ignores market conditions

  • Formal client reviews assess strategic allocations and congruence with financial goals


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